Everything necessary for E-Commerce and E-Export is available in Sanbuyos. For your questions CONTACT US

        Multi Seller feature allows you to add additional accounts to your organization and enable your sellers to make stock and price offers for the products in your catalog. you can list these products for which offered by the sellers in domestic or international marketplaces with marketplace integration module of Sanbuyos. In this way, you can sell the product you want to sell in any marketplace without having to stock up.
        With the Marketplace Integration module, you can list the products you add to Sanbuyos in the marketplaces and centrally manage stock and prices. You can save time by viewing the orders from the marketplaces on a single screen and efficiently performing packaging, shipping, and invoicing processes.
        With the Logistics Integration module, you can determine the logistics routes of the orders you manage at Sanbuyos until they reach the customer on a marketplace basis and ensure that the package and recipient information is transmitted to the cargo company through integration. As the packages move in the cargo company, you can track their delivery status on Sanbuyos.