E-Commerce Management Platform

Manage domestic and international e-commerce operations efficiently with Sanbuyos. Wherever you are in the world, start selling right now.

AliExpress Russia

AliExpress Russia Integration


N11 Integration

Hepsi Global

Hepsi Global Integration


Joom Integration


Ozon Integration


Allegro Integration

       You can list your products on the marketplaces and ensure that changing stocks and prices are automatically synchronized with the marketplaces with Sanbuyos.When an order comes from the market, Sanbuyos takes these orders and allows you to manage your orders from a single panel easily. You can save time and focus more on growing your business with Sanbuyos.
        While delivering the orders that comes from the marketplaces to your customers, you can work with more than one cargo company on the route you will set up. All orders traveling on these broken routes that include multi-cargo integration are tracked with Sanbuyos Self Tracking. Sanbuyos Self Tracking is a service that provides to merchants who make their shipping agreements independent of marketplaces; if you want to take advantage of our Self Tracking service, now CONTACT US

Logistics Integrations

Ship your orders quickly with domestic and international logistics Integrations that we add every day.

Aras Kargo

Aras Kargo Integration

Sürat Kargo

Sürat Kargo Integration


Kargoist Integration

We World Express

We World Express Integration

Yto Global

Yto Global Integration


Cdek Integration

GBS Broker

GBS Broker Integration


PTS Integration

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We bring you together with the whole world with our experience in e-commerce and technological Sanbuyos marketplace integration infrastructure. Contact us now with your questions.

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