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Sanbuyos E-Commerce infrastructure allows you carry your products to the digital domain,gets them listed in domestic and international marketplaces and introduces your business to a wide e-commerce and logistics network. Not only would you be able to get your orders easily packaged in your warehouses, but also have your dispatch papers printed along with the cargo courier stickers by one single click. Hence, a seamless e-commerce fulfillment management as far as the last mile where your products find their customers.

Who we are?

        Sanbuyos Technology Inc.. is a software company that offers technology solutions to our customers in the field of e- commerce and e-export information technologies, and it is located in the IT Valley, the largest thematic technopark of our country.

       With its innovation and technology-oriented management philosophy, it supports the development of our business partners and customers in the field of e- commerce, and provides e-commerce integration services for cooperation with domestic and global e-commerce marketplaces with its fast, secure and easily administered software technology.

       Sanbuyos Technology Inc. supports sharing economy with the e-commerce warehouse systems software infrastructure, and it also provides services in the fields of e-commerce integrations, marketplace integrations, dropshipping, ERP and logistics integrations with high-tech solutions on a global scale.

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